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80/20 Catalog 21

Order the New 80/20 Catalog 21 with 28 New Stock Profiles!

Grab your free copy of 80/20's catalog 21. You'll find all of the new profiles and products included with detailed specifications. Based on your feedback we also added in the fastener strength tests to help with your design and build process. Product pages have been revised to provide even more detailed information.

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AutoQuoterX™ II

Updated 80/20 AutoQuoterX™ II Now Available

AutoQuoterX™ II has been updated with design files for all of the new profiles as well as several additional products. Download this latest version today and start designing.

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Clippard DR-2

New Clippard DR-2 Precision Miniature Regulator Series

When Clippard invented miniature regulators in 1962, the MAR Series became very popular as a simple, robust, and cost-effective regulator in a small package with exceptionally long life. As regulator applications continue to increase, Clippard is meeting the demand with the newest addition to the reputable regulator line. The new DR-2 Series provides greater accuracy and repeatability while maintaining the same flow and performance characteristics as the MAR regulators in a durable, sleek package.

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The latest employee news at Air Engineering and Supply

Air Engineering and Supply is pleased to announce that we have hired an Inside Sales person, Fares Mustafa. Fares is entering his second year at Hennepin Tech Fluid Power Program and we will be working with Fares to allow him to finish his schooling. Fares will help us meet, and exceed, the goals and objectives of Air Engineering and Supply.

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Clippard 2-Way Miniature Pinch ValvesDownload PDF (1.8 MB PDF)

Air Engineering and Supply publishes new line card and value added capabilities brochure.

  • Large Local Inventory with same day shipping on 1000's of items
  • Partnering with customers to manage inventory levels
  • Pneumatic Value Added/Kitting, Sub Assembly & Complete Assembly
  • 80/20 Modular Framing Value Added Expertise
  • Automation, Electro Mechanical, Panel Products, Safety Products

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Clippard 2-Way Miniature Pinch Valves

Clippard 2-Way Miniature Pinch ValvesDownload PDF (785 KB PDF)

New! 2-Way Miniature Pinch Valves

The Clippard NPV Series Pinch Valve is a solenoid-operated device that is designed to open and close tubes for controlling flow of liquids and gases. Other valve types have internal passages that may cause small amounts of fluid to remain in the valve. Pinch valves have no areas or dead volume where fluid can become trapped. Only the inside of the tubing contacts the fluid. Energizing the solenoid retracts or attracts the plunger, which opens or closes the tube. De-energizing the solenoid will allow the plunger to return to its original state.


  • Small, compact design
  • Hygienic and easy to clean (replace tubes)
  • Low power consumption
  • High cycle life
  • Can handle whole blood and particulate matter
  • Unobstructed flow path
  • Each valve comes with 12" of medical/laboratory grade silicone tubing, pre-installed
  • Variety of tubing sizes available
  • Tubing is easily replaceable

Clippard Stainless Steel

Clippard All Stainless Steel Cylinders

Designed for use in a broad range of applications including those in washdown and caustic environments, Clippard's cylinders are constructed of durable 303 stainless steel, and include a Nitrile rod wiper to keep potential contaminants from penetrating inside the cylinder. The cylinders are available with bore sizes from 3/4 to 2-in. Standard stroke lengths are from 1 up to 32-in. on some models.